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  1. R McGee
    R McGee at |

    This is interesting – I happened upon this article as I am upgrading an Environmental Managment System to align with ISO 14001:2015, and wondered exactly what Normative meant. But what I’m really trying to find out is the following: Now that ISO14001, ISO9001, and soon to be ISO45001 will all be of the same structure (sections 0-10), does it make sense to reshuffle the new system frameworks (and indeed an Integrated framework) to that same structure? In which case, section 2 of my actual management system, entitled “Normative References” would include all system documentation indispensable to the application of my management system. This is how I’d like to structure my new system, so that it’s easy to audit against the standard as it follows the same flow. Is this the intention? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Mona Roman
    Mona Roman at |

    I was reading through the ISO 9001:2015 here at work and I could not understand what “Normative References” actually meant, so happy to find this! Thanks so much for your post!


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